MODERATOR REQUIRED: Where is my product?


3 days ago I uploaded a item to sell, its name is “ElektroExtensions” for .NET, however, I still don’t have any notice from the reviewer(s), just I would like to know whether this delay of 3 days is something normal, and what I should to, because I don’t see any way to contact directlly to, any contact formulary, anything, just few F.A.Q in the “Contact Us” page.

Thankyou for read.

Hi. Yeap, this is normal. Review time can take several days. Use this link


And keep in mind the days are an average over the past week… so New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day might add a day or two on. Don’t worry, you’ll get the email to let you know once it’s been reviewed.

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Also… it was Christmas and New Year m8 :slight_smile:

Best regards.

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Thankyou for the responses, anyway I still don’t understand why they require 4 days (and 15 days on other markets) just to check an item???, I really don’t understand their politic, from my point of view they gave me an image of total lazyness, I know they are not lazy since Envato is a rich company and sure they must have a lot of employeers working all day but then… why reason they need to spent +4 days on a simple thing?, they should give very smaller intervals for sellers, maximum 2 days to check any item of any market, don’t you think the same?.

Really I’m starting to worry, because I still do not know how can I contact to Envato qualified support for this issue or for any other question in the future, because the f***** contact page is not a real contact page, is just a damn F.A.Q. full of useless info…

Thankyou for read.

This is where you contact them

The delay is simply a mix of:

  • scale: they receive into the tens to hundreds of thousands of submissions a month and this is growing.

Hiring a few more reviewers will only do so much and the number needed to really dent this is unrealistic.

  • items and quality: envato has higher requirements than many stock market (a good thing) and it takes time to review any file properly let alone something like a WP theme etc.

  • authors: this is not aimed at any one person but with respect to everyone trying to sell here you only need to look at some of the files in this forum that are rejected to see how far off the standard they are let alone several which are just ripped from other people’s work.

Apparently around 70% of submissions are rejected and while I am all for everyone wanting to learn and sell their work a lot of the issue is beyond envato control.

Hope that clarifies things.


No need to worry and no need to contact anyone… if it’s in the queue then it will be reviewed as soon as possible. Like Charlie says, there’s thousands of items in the queue at any one time so they take a bit of time to get through.

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[quote=“SpaceStockFootage, post:7, topic:83739, full:true”]
No need to worry and no need to contact anyone… if it’s in the queue then it will be reviewed as soon as possible.[/quote]

I appreciate those words from a moderator, however, anyways I still worried. Because I’ve uploaded TEN items, and has been past eight days from the first upload and I still didn’t received any kind of notification in my email or my envato’s mailbox, anything of anything.

My ten uploaded items are all legit, are programming libraries and compiled programs of mine, for each item I included descriptions, demo video, preview images, thumbnail image and in-line preview image, everything required to make a good post in Envato (except the live index.html file) so I know that my items couldn’t have any issue to be published, but as I said 8 days has been past and I don’t have any notices for any of the 10 uploaded items… and I shouldn’t be worried really? I don’t understand what is happenning here… the time waiting is almost the double that what is shown here:

Thankyou for read.

Sure, but none of that contradicts my quote. Be patient… if you worry every time your item takes more than a few days to be reviewed, you’ll have torn all your hair out by the end of the year!

You can contact support if you wish, but…

A) your items will probably be reviewed by the time they get back to you.

B) if not, they’ll probably just tell you not to worry, and try they’ll be reviewed as soon as possible.