If you want to getting approve your items,


Envato is a great & professional marketplace.
if you want to upload there and if you want to getting approve.
you have to take care your design balance, typography, color, and unique design.

for typography helps you can go this website: http://fontpair.co

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I want to know that How much time/days to approve work,
I Upload my work from last three days but there is no message from envato that my work is approved or not…
Have any idea

http://quality.market.envato.com These are estimates and change all the time but give an indication

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Thanks Dude!!!

There is no answer/email from envato to my work to the last six days?
Now what should I do?

You have to be patient - the link above is only a guideline based on historic reviews.

There’s loads of factors which can hold this up and they will get to it ASAP

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On envato you need wait. My items sometimes waited 8 days for approve but in last month one of my item was approved after about 4 hours which is a record for now :slight_smile: