Need to double check license requirement - sorry

Hi all!

I am planning to sell websites to clients and yes they will then involve themes.
My understanding was that I can showcase the theme with my regular license.
Then for each customer who buys (a website with) the theme I need to purchase a new regular license to that customer.

E.g. This: Tigers - Soccer Sports HTML Template by GramoTech | ThemeForest
I pay 17 dollars to use it on my site.
Then for each customer / client website order I get and will use this theme I need to buy a new unique license for that customer for 17 usd.

So all my customers will of course pay the 17 USD to gain their own license.
Is this the correct thinking ?

Because then I found the extended license on this theme… 700 USD!
Is this like a Fixed cost and with it I can resell the website unlimited times without needing to pay new unique licenses to customers ? hence If i reach 700/17 = 42 sales it is beneficially to go for the extended setup ?

Will I need both the 700 USD on my site where I showcase and then also add 17 USD per customer sale ?

Just trying to understand this… as I am guessing the showcasing on my site would be a lot more expensive then…

To me, the last scenario seems REALLY weird… AS it creates a barrier to actually help authors to the theme to sell it more often. In, essence it should be the opposite, the author should even give me the theme for free or “pay me” for me to use his/her theme to sell it (buy more licenses for it). As a normal retailer would not buy the “permission” to sell an item as any sales benefit the supplier (more orders to the supplier). So please tell me it is not like I first need to buy it for 700 USD just to Show it… (I am totally fine with buying unique licenses for each customer for 17 usd… makes total sense!)

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There’s no such license for multi use

The difference between regular and extended is about the functionality incorporated eg can you reset monetise the site eg via subscription or if it is a single use

I’m your case you need multiple regular licenses for your site and the clients although it’s better to have the client buy their own so that if you part ways then they can still get updates and support

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OK - So you are saying I need to download regular licenses for all my clients (OK!)

What about this scenario
Can I then buy the envato subscription and download and use the Wordpress Themes for my clients to use.

Example: I am making sport club websites and there is one wordpress theme I like a lot.
Can I download this license / theme multiple times (everytime I have a client) to get new licenses to use for each client but under the same subscription (mine) ?

See here Envato subscription & themes for clients