Need some guidelines in Graphicriver.

My contributions are getting hard rejected. Need guidelines for creating a flyer template, logos in Graphicriver. Don’t need links that available in website. Need personal opinions.

Other than business cards those are the two most competitive and saturated categories on the marketplace.

People wrongly assume that because there is less to them ,that this makes it easier to get approved. In actual fact it is completely opposite - it adds pressure to create a modern/versatile/and unique concept, and leave zero room for error in execution and attention to detail.

If you ensure originality to the design and adhere to best practice around design fundamentals like typography etc. then there is not much else you can do.

As a premium marketplace, no one is going to be able to hand hold other authors over the line esp. as approval cannot be guaranteed. there is a reasonable expectation of anyone trying to sell here that they will understand the guiding principles of good design.

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