A ask about flyer

Hi to all author:

Do I can make a flyer similar for example graphicriver approved but no same 100%? please help me thank you so much, regards.

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Hello my friend.
Do you mean that you want to draw inspiration from authors on GraphicRiver and design it for you in your own way ?!

If it is, then it is good.
Be careful, however, and do not create any designs that are represented here, as this could put you at risk from the authors from whom you took that design.

LOL well in the global idea u maybe right lol in the application, lot of guys cheat and create lookalike things and , sometimes, they are given better search engine slots than original … and ultimately sell more, for that matter; and i am not even referring to guys who make a new item out of their former one changing things very superficially … but who have their items accepted all the time , all the same … some people almost have their entire portfolio with this kind of thing by the way …


You’re right lol, we should all put a fingerprint in our work to set us apart.
Ideas in our designs must be ours

@Masterly-Design, @n2n44

Thank you so much, regards.

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