Graphicriver Standart Requirements!!!

Hi all! Can I ask one thing? Something changed of print template standart requirements?
The reviewers rejected my all flyers I don’t understand. My approved flyers got rejects after small changes . My all flyers meet the standart requirements i checked. I was surprised.

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Even I am surprised and asking this question. I looks like they now only accept items from selective authors only. I submitted a powerpoint presentation twice and both time it got rejected. But when I see new approved items they are worst quality designs. I guess now only some authors are allowed for submission of new designs. Try your luck somewhere else. Good Luck


it’s crazy thing, I agree with it

Hi! presentation_templat, I saw your item in closed thred. I’m not presentation expert but. Your design is fresh and modern but the most interesting slides are in the end of your preview. First slides are not cool and looks more simple than needed.
Try to move the best slides to the top. May be it will interest reviewer.
Do not lose hope! Analyze the market one more time and try to understend what is the reason.

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Thank you for your support!)

i felt that too, why cant they simply tell us to get out?