Need some feedbacks before sending to review

I want to send the theme for review. Here is the theme link - Link

I need some review from you expert people. Please give me the screenshot where I should make the changes.

Thank you

Well first thing i see is this:

I’m not sure if this is how it should be :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your feedback. I make the slider full screen. Please give me other feedback to make the WordPress theme for Themeforest marketplace.

It will be rejected because themeforest is a market for themes and templates your theme is just about offering some tools which will fit more into

Thanks for your information. please give some feedback

There no feedback can work for your item as this type of themes has no category on themeforest but this doesn’t mean to give up if you want create theme for themeforest then you have to look at the accepted themes there first and learn more about the new trends, otherwise I will advise you to make a WordPress plugin with all these nice tools that you currently have in your theme and submit it to codecanyou

Thanks for your suggestion.