Need Valuable feedback before submit

Here is the demo link of my theme Demo

Any Suggestions guyz and do you thinks its Approve.

Looks nice, I could see myself using this type of theme :slight_smile: It follows the general trend in theme’s industry. As long as it’s written correctly, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be approved. If it it your first item, you will probably get soft rejection, though. Probably a couple of them. So it may take a while until your theme is available on ThemeForest, but I’m sure it will be approved at some point :slightly_smiling:

Good luck.

@Dev49net Thanks for your valuable feedback.

I’m afraid this might not be ready for Themeforest yet. My opinion & suggestions:

1- Re-Think the top header, The menu items are not professional looking at all and transitions time is too long.
2- Re-Think the top section (below-header), For a magazine website it got typography issues and just doesn’t go with the rest of the elements, just yet. Also the whole item should be linked not just the title.
3- Re-Think Logo, Something more provisional looking or minimal.
4- The date-boxes with shadow under it is not suitable for this design, as well as the 3 color boxes for the articles footer.
5- This is a magazine website, You should consider not using any font size below 14px (at most).

I hope this helps you :wink: