Feedback needed here!



Hello guys,

this is my next project, actually this is my second item :slight_smile:
it’s a magazine wordpress theme build on unyson framework only
i’m using the framework as a plugin
here is the link of the testing demo

i need your feedback about it.

notice :
all pictures and logos are placeholders and it will be replaced in the main demo.
the theme has controls of layout (framed,boxed,wide) and the sidebar position and header and footer style options

any help would be appreciated.
thank you all.


Hi mate , your theme looks good but need more work :

  1. Spacing and Alignment
  2. More work on color
  3. Use from better font
  4. And more work on typography

Feedback again

Its good but for successful submission in themeforest you have to put more effort into it.


Thank you for your help
I’ll do the improvements and see your feedback again


all improvements done,
Can you see it again ?
@janxcode_team @Theme-Smile