Already approved magazine theme, any chance of it getting accepted in wordpress category

Just wanted to know where i stand with my design skills and if it’s worth investing my time in building a wp from scratch. Or maybe wait till i have a better sense of design and typography. Please judge me. Here’s the demo

Due to WordPress and HTML categories has different requirements ( design / features ) your chance within this template is 50/50. No one could say anything specific as you may need to polish the design and/or add few more extra features to the blog to get the item approved as WordPress.

My personal opinion, I wouldn’t risk the time to code the as it’s for WordPress. There’re already too many similar items. Even the item gets approval, it’s lower chance to get a higher sale.

thank you. I appreciate you taking time to view it and provide suggestions. I see you made a good point, even if i get accepted, this theme doesn’t provide anything unique and fresh. I will likely lose out to similar themes with bigger sales numbers and reviews. Will try to design something cool and then make a move.