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Hello everybody,
It’s themezinho here again. I would like to share a situation what happends to me last 2 review. I have approved html items and after HTML gets approved we make wordpress version of those items. My last 2 wordpress submission reviewed by new reviewers and they gave us a design issues feedback. Actually those feedbacks not about design issue because item got approved from old reviewers. So here is the my question is that possible to get reject approved HTML items ? By the way items are not old(2-3 years old) one of them 2 months ago approved other one last month got approved.

Please IVOR or KAILOON can you infom me about this situation ???
With my all respect to all reviewers.


Happened to me too. There are too many problems with reviews lately.
Only thing you can do its try to explain your situation in reviewer comments. (i guess you already do that) :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tried and they say there is no guarantee approved html’s wp version will be accepted.
I have no idea what to do. All works go to trash ?


Had the same thing, ended up having to make design changes which was not ideal.

Also had to abandon a WP project that I converted from approved HTML too, as the reviewers kept complaining about the design

Its very frustrating but dont give up, if you can tweak the design a little then do so and try again

Good luck! Danny

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This is sick that for one category design is ok and for another is not ok.

@Envato you should really handle this because this is completely false, people buying HTML versions very often ask after that for a WordPress version and what can we say to them?

“Sorry but ThemeForest doesn’t really know what they rules about design are so we can’t release WP version”?

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This happened to us too. Our last item was rejected because of the design, however, it was accepted as HTML. Currently we are finishing another Wordpress theme based on its HTML version, and we really don’t know what to expect from reviewers :frowning: It’s really frustrating!!! :(((

The authors spend months to finish Wordpress version trying to make it look the same as its HTML version in question of design, and in the end they get answer kind of “Design of your item is not ready for Wordpress category”.

What is going on Envato??? It looks like reviewers contradict each other. I think there should be set clear and unbreakable quality standards for items, so the authors don’t spend their time for items that will finially appear in trash!!!

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That happened to us too with our latest WP theme. We said it is based on PSD template (and before they said that PSD is the category with highest standards, LOL). Then we got the same message that it doesn’t mean if PSD get’s approved that WP will also get approved. And also we got a message that we don’t have enough features! I mean should we now make a bloated theme like everyone else does?? Hm…

So we just fixed the errors, notices, etc., new requirements that wasn’t available anywhere to read (another standard problem) and submitted it again. It was reviewed by the different reviewer and got approved… Very unprofessional and inconsistent.

And also I know we can’t call out other themes, but please look at the 2nd most popular WP theme and it’s demos. Those look several levels worse than some free WP theme. What standards are applied there… Cmon!

If design is suitable for one category, then it should be suitable for all categories.

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Please can you guys give us any explanation. If html design not good enough why reviewer approve the item in first place. Our buyers and pre buyers asking us WORDPRESS version of items. This situation needs a solution.
All authors know If your PSD get approve 100% html will approve to. If your html approvel 100% wp version will get accepted. I think this is approvel hierachy.

Please moderator can you let reviewers know about this situation.


I’ve already invited some reviewers and staff to the thread - sure they’ll reply soon but time-zones make it the middle of the night for many.

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Yea, this is a joke, it’s like they wouldn’t work for the same company and have the same standards. The chances are very high to get rejected like 5 times for 5 different reasons, none of those mention in the last review process.

Everytime I submit my item I have to write a semi-novel: "In case you want to reject it for this error, please note that […]. In case you want to reject the theme for […], […].

And even then, I still get rejected for the reasons that I already know are not valid and I wrote in the description fields.

I kind-of got used to it, but I’m submitting considerable less items nowadays. Probably if I was to submit a theme / month, I’d be mad.

Kudos to kailoon and Ivor though.

I think we also need some kind of statement for PSD themes: PSD themes submitted less than 6 / 12 months ago can be converted to HTML / WP / etc and be approved if there’s no problem with the code. This is how it was and how it should be. I got one of my themes barely accepted some time ago after being rejected for “design reasons” even if the PSD was accepted and it wasn’t a generic theme… Now it has almost 1,000 sales.


thank you charlie
I hope experienced reviewers(IVOR and KAILOON) will guide us about this situation.


Hey guys. In cases where you may need a bit more feedback, please open a Help Ticket and it will be assigned to the Review Team. We often don’t hear the full story here on the forums and we can’t really discuss rejection reasons here anyway. So that’s why we’ll always recommend going through a Help Ticket. Thanks!

Sorry KingDog but this is common problem, if something is approved for PSD category it shouldn’t be reviewed in terms of design again if theme is not obsolete… what is the point of this? People buying HTML or PSD version, they want the same WP version - not edited version because reviewer changed his mind… Marketplace should have one quality standard not “standard per category” or at least have confirmation that accepted HTML or PSD in terms of design equals to accepted WP/Magento/PrestaShop etc. in terms of design.


Hi we had simillar situation.
Even worse, we have written back, that the design is based on the already approved html and got this answer: Is there a reason to submit theme without improvements for the second time

So we got 2 soft rejects for nothing and now our theme got on the bottom of the list on reviewrer list.

Hey Kingdog
I already create a ticket and got helpful and specific feedback from IVOR but the point is prestahome right. who boughts psd and html they will develope to wp or joomla or etc. If we make major changes for wordress version buyers can confuse about that. We never know what really buyers like. If wordpress version has some major design changes maybe buyer wont buy it.

I think reviewers needs to keep in touch with eachother. For example who approve in first place, wp reviewer should ask to first reviewer opinion. Because each time another reviewer checks item and gives new different feedbacks. Reviewer time gets longer so this is important for authors get approved items on them portfolio.

I hope I wouldnt speak offensive.


I think all of the reviewers are wonderful, and I have complete faith in their abilities.

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hi, don’t be surprised by this … . Let’s face it, making such a process coherent all the way is extremely difficult, plus , all people seem not to mind that there are sometimes some blatant insignificancies (due to the fact mainly that reviewers work much and are not having a general overview of what use to be approved and what has to be or is approved daily too), so in the end , we end up in a system which doesn’t want to go forward when all authors are asked to do … and nothing gets better as time passes by, people jus have to do with it, period. U also have to keep in mind that all these works regroupes in envato marketplaces all have some creative and artistic that makes rings very subjective and that results obviously in some very surprising things sometimes …

oh come on! this is not about “judging reviewers”, we all know they do the best they can and that they have more and more work to deal with all the time, but this is also about the fact to have a fair place limiting inconsistencies as much as possible , which is not really directly linked to reviewers in a way. In any case, there’s no way they have been incriminated, it just that the Themezinho pointed out at something just very inconsistent. All guys have they own experience, expectations, tastes and so on and the greta job in all this is in particular to go over this and to try to judge things as professionally as possible but fr that u also nee to have a clear policy guideline

i understand your frustration TopCorner, but u cannot blame reviewers for not providing feedbacks as this is the policy here and this is very unfair to do as if reviewers have anything to do with it, they have a lot of work, always more as the number of submissions is always growing, they are just following the marketplace’s policy when it comes to using pre-prepared feedback … which somehow someway amounts to no feedback in the case of hard rejections …