Need a Partner for conversion of html to Wordpress

I have some HTMLs and want a partner to convert it into Wordpress.

There are some worthfull HTMLs like:.

Charity Template

Mad Magazine

and more.

They won’t be approved for WordPress.

Hey @Theemwiz how would you know that item will not approved ? I don’t think like you :grinning:

Like @Theemwiz I think it may be tough - less than 35 sales in 3 years doesn’t bode well

@Theemwiz and @charlie4282
35 sales are because of Themeforest new policy where you can buy unlimited themes only in $15. and it can be due to SEO and no new product since 1 and half years.

There is difference between HTML and wordpress.

Elements will have made some difference and maybe being WP would help a magazine, but there regardless there are still examples of HTML charity and magazine that have more sales and which were launched more recently

But i am sure a Good developer and Author can get good sales. Specially Magazine is a good theme.