Need Feedback for WordPress theme Design

Hello mate,
I have a cool html template landing pages. and i got some sells too.
Now i want to convert it into WordPress Platform but before that i want to make sure that my template design actually eligible for WordPress theme as i see lots of authors in themeforest are facing brutal design issues in WordPress category . So tell me if should i upload this into WordPress category?

Preview link Here

@charlie4282 Please help me

Yes, you can convert wordpress because already have blog, I already see you html.

Good Luck.


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@JeriTeam okay do you think this template is eligible? i mean to say overall like design , visual looks, typography etc . cause i do fear about already got my another WordPress hard rejected because of design issue :frowning:
please suggest me


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Maybe your other wordpress was hard rejected because no have blog or need more works.

I think that you spacing, visuals, etc is ok because first html approved.

@ThemeSLR please i need your valuable feedback


I also replied to your private message. You have my message there. :slight_smile:

Hi Jeri,
Envato never will reject a theme because that theme don’t have blog.
They will reject a theme only because of errors, design or ia to old in design.

Best regards

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