need some feedback on these two rejected tracks !


I had some rejections last 15 days and i can not undestand Why!
can someone tell me what is possible wrong??
thanx !

What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

no one ??? cmon ppl ! :frowning:


no idea why these tracks were rejected… both are ok, Power Drive is awesome!


cant undestand too ! i moved to a new studio and my only concern is if the mix wasnt ok !


That’s ridiculous, tracks are clean as it gets. Maybe you should ask them directly? Maybe they think you used samples or something (but even if you did so what?) .
You didn’t put them in corporate or childrens, did you?
If we were kids and they teachers I would say they hate you, but that’s not the case either.


no samples here mate ! all recorded in my studio ! the drums are Steven slate 4!


and No ! i put them on Rock Section ! :smiley:


Ok, i really have no clue why these have been rejected… both are clean, usefull and well mixed in my opinion.
Perhaps the reviewer is not a rocker and does not like the palm mutes? lol… i dont know but perhaps try to ask the reviewer what exactly was wrong here… I cant find it Nick!


thanx man ! but now its a rejection actually and nothin can be done ! its a bummer when you have 15 days of rejections :confused: maybe start some ukulele tracks


Normally I can get why tracks have been HR’d (even if I might have called it differently) but in these two cases I’m a bit baffled. I would be tempted to ask whether this is a style that is just not wanted on AJ!


The only thing that i can think of Is that they don’t think it’s commercially wise…
But that’s weird, cause i can think of great projects for this 2 pieces …


TBH Most of the time I don’t respond to these threads as the issues are fairly obvious with the tracks, however in this case the mind boggles. This surely a mistake, these tracks are very good exclusive library quality. I would ask for a reason, love to hear it.


thanx for your anwers boys ! this is not to blame any reviewrs but for me to understand if these kind of tracks are not acceptable on Envato ! i also saw many commercials on tv with these kinda tracks And reject after reject i wanted to know if there is a mix/masterin problem or anything i cant listen to when i submit !


But you already have 6-7 very similar tracks, why would they have accepted those if they weren’t acceptable


You know I really like these two… I’ve checked them out on my headphones like: well, that’s weird, the tracks are actually pretty good! But after listening to them on my desktop monitors it feels like the sound is pretty dry actually, like there’s no meat to it, and overpowered high frequencies are additionally boosted with percussion. Maybe try different EQ settings and tone down the hats volume a bit? Cause the arrangement is very nice, no complaints about it. Must have something to do with mixing.


Yeah maybe its a mix situation. . Dont know… thats what i am trying to find out


I agree these are nice tracks. My only thought is that the reviewer didn’t like the hard pan of guitars…I would try to make it more commercial for media use rather than powerful metal :slight_smile:


No, that’s industry standard. It’s like saying they didn’t like the kick in the middle… Of course these tracks should have been approved - they are great!


I think he means the intro of the track power drive. Starts with the left guitar and then kicks the right one. Thanx btw i was really frustrated these days … you helped a lot


I think these rejections should be worrisome to a lot of us at AJ. These tracks are excellent rock tracks that are clean, well mixed, and commercially viable. Now that they are rejected, what does that mean for the author community? No more rock songs? (or pick any other ridiculous question). It is pretty evident from the responses that these are well done tracks. Hope you get a response from support WolfSound. I think we all should be very interested in the reason for these rejections.