Need Review 2 solved


Hi, guys!

This track was hard rejected:

Here"s what they wrote:

Nice ideas here, but there are some passages that do not sound as well executed and/or arranged as they should, for a professional commercial application setting. For this reason we won’t be able to approve this submission.

Any ideas what it meant?

Also, I’ve uploaded it in Corporate. Maybe I should try another category after remaking it?


Arrangement of this music is too chaotic. Make it simplier and more casual next time and already with experience comes an understanding of how to make complex melodies.


You wouldn’t normally get such positive and helpful feedback for a hard reject so I’d definitely take this as a positive. The comments are spot on - great ideas but the execution lets it down down. Persistence and practice will get you there! There is lots of good advice to be found if you search for it.


Спасибо за отзыв:-)


Thanks for the feedback


You will write better , I believe in you :slight_smile:


Sounds like it’s mainly the strings that are the problem. It’s far too chaotic sounding in those parts. It sounds unpleasant. and badly mixed as well. Most of the other stuff I think is good, and you could rework the track with the other elements, make a more polished mix and you should be able to achieve a good track.


Thanks, man!


Thank you for the feedback!


Make it more simpler, the arrangement of sound is too chaotic and that is making it unpleasant. you could a better mix. Good luck with that. :slight_smile: