Please help orchestral track was rejected

Hello All

I would really appreciate any help with why this track was rejected. Is it composition, sounds, mixing etc. Any help would be wonderful.

Many thanks


Hi, @benmanhire,

Its a bit hard to say. The sounds are not bad. The mix may not be the problem. Maybe it can be its nature. While it is floaty and dreamy, it has ( perhaps) many unconsistent changes, mixed between them, like in a kind of uncertainty all the time. Even if it is a magic nice feeling, the music stays in a kind of " playing with tones" all the time, the chords appear and go, without defining a more clear melody or a road to follow. I hope I helped. I liked the melody that is inside.

Dear Music Wanderer

Thanks for your advice. I tried to add definition to the middle instruments and reduce the reverb. Is this any better. Please play below.
Thanks again. Ben

The first mix sounds better. I think the reason for the refusal is not related to the mix. The reason for the refusal is the poor arrangement and structure of the track. From the very beginning of the track, there is a feeling that there will be development now. And this feeling does not leave until the end of the track. Instead of development, there is a decline. This is puzzling. I think this is the reason. Selection of sounds, parts, mixing are excellent.

Thank so much for you feedback and time to write your advice. I’m going to change the ending after 0:54. To try and give it more of a progression, interest and dynamics. Does that sound like it might work?

I do not quite understand your intention and may give incorrect advice. Personally, I would make the intro less saturated and remove the harp glissando at the beginning of the track and after 20 seconds insert the glissando and start active development. But you seem to have a different vision. In any case, I wish you success!

Many thanks for your help. I will try a few different things.

Oh! I’ll to try help you,bro! Fo First you need some eq like this:

I import your track and try to eq. And for second you must maximize the volume.
There you must to use other libraries for strings (try Cinematic Studio Strings) and horns (try Metropolis Ark) for your project, because yor sound sounds plastic… try to use more reverb and use less attack for each instruments.
If you have qestions write to me!
Best regrats, Marshall Wiiliams…

Many thanks for your tips, help and eqing. I see a lot of people using fabfilter Pro Q.