Advice on corporate music


In the last few days many songs have been rejected so I tried to do something very easy and clear.
Do you think this song is going to be accepted?
Every advice on music, mixing, instrumentation or else are welcome!

Thank you very much!

The balance between instruments is poor.
Piano / Chords to dominant in the mix.
Too bass heavy.
Arrangement is too repetitive and does not offer any variation.
Guitar parts could / should be more upfront.
Unfortunately this tracks falls into the same template/does not offer anything different/bland category which this marketplace has already into the tens of thousands. Really authors should be doing something different now. IMHO.


Personally I have no issue with the the arrangement. It seems comparable to other tracks on the site. I’ve heard best sellers with less variation than this track.

As far as the mix, it’s not terrible. Chords are a bit mid heavy but I don’t think that alone would get you a rejection. Mix could use some width. gballx is correct that the guitar could be more up front (but again, I don’t think your track will be rejected just because the guitar is in the background, I’ve heard many tracks on the site like this)

I think the main thing that keeps a track like this from being selected is just the quality of the sounds themselves. There are better sounding pianos out there than the one you’re using. For example LABS soft piano by Spitfire audio, it’s free and sounds amazing for soft ambient tracks like this.

The percussion is also a bit lifeless. Go on splice or somewhere and try to get some really nice sounding shakers, tambourines, snaps, claps, etc. The ones you’re using just sound a little dull.

TLDR: I think this would be an easy accept by the reviewers if you switched out all the drums, used a better sounding piano, and dialed back the volume on the piano and pads a bit.

Also there are a few parts where I can hear distortion, for example that second piano chord at 2:44 you can hear it distorting. Definitely avoid audible distortion at all costs unless it’s intentional.

Finally when it comes to what genres to make, of course there are thousands of corporate tracks already. However these tracks are still selling even today so I would see no reason to stop while there’s still a demand for them. I haven’t seen any indication that Envato is going to start rejecting tracks simply because they’re in the corporate category.

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Hi gballx,

Thank you for listening and for mixing suggestions, I’ll try to fix it.
For the genre, I can do and I’ve done different music but I publish on AJ to sell and the song you can sell here are this “corporate” stuff, everything else remains there for years, when it is accepted.

Again thank you

Hi add9audio,

Thank you for listening, I’ll try to fix the mixing and the sounds.
I’ve got a lot of professional sounds of every kind but I wanted to stay simple and try to replicate the most sold kind of music here on AJ.
I’ll save “artistic stuff” for somewhere else.

Thank you!