Need Help with Refund

I purchased a theme recently however during the activation licence theme constantly giving an error to whitelist my server IP, however When I raised this with support ticket and hosting provider both, the issue was theme’s backend was blacklisted my hosting’s external IP, that too was shown in the error itself.

I raised this with theme support but they are extremely irresponsible and slow responsive , I wasted my time in it missed the deadline as well, Now when I raised the refund request nothing happend.

Could anyone please help me to get the refund please

Refund request: Sign In | Envato Account

If you are eligible to get a refund then you can request for a refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explanation of the refund policy.

If the author does not respond to the refund request within 7 days, you will be given an option to raise a dispute with Envato. This option should appear automatically as a link or button on the refund request details page after 7 days from the refund requested date.


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Hi @mgscoder ,

Thanks for replying. I raised the request there, since I am not able to apply that theme on my website, that theme has no use for me, why should I pay for them?

I raised the request, the theme author says that we will reply in 48 hours (seems like there bot reply) I raised this request 3 days ago, and they replied with this what to do now? Neither they are processing the refund when I reached them via support they said that envato will do it. Please help me

to fix theme issues you have to co-operate with theme author. If theme author don’t reply then you have to go with dispute the refund. Only the Author or the refund dispute can be a way to get it fix.