Need Help to refund : Author, and Envato Help Team are ignoring me. Ticket opened since 23 days !

How can i do to make people do honestly their job ?
I bought a plug in which i proved it was bugged on my system.
By mail, the author wrote me i should refund, but afterwards, he
I opened a ticket since 23 days now but he ignores my mail, and leave the ticket in progress.
I wrote to Envato Help team since 2 weeks, but they do nothing.
What can i do more but spamming ?

Hi @Zabriskie73

I would like to be clear have you opened ticket for envato support or requested a refund to the plugin author?

To get refund you should to request for refund and if need envato support then should open support ticket.

If you tell us some more then we will try to send you in the right track.


I did opened a ticket. Normally, it has to be solved in 3-5 business days. Here we are at 24 days ! It’s a scam. See here :
I wrote to Envato Team too but they don’t act. I get always automatic message from help team without investigation and resolution. The author leaves the request “in progress” so nothing change.
What can i do else ?

That email from Envato was before you’ve raised a dispute. Have you gotten any reply after you’ve raised a dispute?

No response from anyone. Just the message “are you satisfaying by our services…”. But nothing has changed on my request.
I raised a dispute after 13 days after where the request was only in “progress”.

The worst fact is that the author confirmed by mail he was ok to refund, but he vanished after my request. Here is the proof :

I’m beginning to spam the comments section of the author.
I wrote first time on comments six days ago. They answer to other comments, but me. They clearly don’t want to refund.
I’m not wealthy at all. 40 dollars is a big investment for me. I don’t throw my money like that if the product is not working. I can’t give up that money.

If you haven’t heard from Envato Support after you raised the dispute, then you need to wait for an official answer from them. Unfortunately, it can take a while, but I am sure they will get back to you. Please be patient.