Need Help Please: Countdown Timer Bar Element for Davinci Resolve Just Shows Black Screen

Hi. Purchased this element Countdown Timer Bars, Video Templates - Envato Elements and followed instructions below for Windows 11 (deleted Mac below as not applicable). I cannot locate the \Edit\Titles folder, it doesn’t exist in the DV program folders, only Program Data\Blackmagic Design\Davinci Resolve\Fusion\Templates exists so i copied the 5 settings files into the Templates folder.

I see the countdown timers in DV under Titles and under the Inspector gadget can see all the settings, but it just shows black on the timeline.

Any assistance appreciated. I’m not having much success with elements/templates for Davinci.

a) Doubleclick the *.drfx file, then click “Install” in the new popup window.
b) Copy the folder “Countdown-Timer-Bars” to the “Titles” folder.

WINDOWS: Program Data\Blackmagic Design\Davinci Resolve\Fusion\Templates\Edit\Titles
Made by LLmotiongraphics."

Seemed to have resolved myself. Appears that i simply did not have the Fonts it needs installed and that blacked out the entire element.

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