DaVinci Resolve macros in title template packs

Hello, I just became a subscriber today, in large part because of the offerings of Davinci Resolve templates. I downloaded several title template packs that contain macros (which I prefer), but none of them seem to work properly, at least in the latest version of Davinci Resolve Studio 17.1.1. I can import them into the software just fine, but when I drag them into the timeline I see a blank screen.

The title template packs I am referring to are:

I’m not sure how to get in touch with the specific creators, so I hope it is okay to submit my inquiry here.

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Hi @sleetvisuals - sorry for the late reply! I’ve just moved your post into a new topic.

I haven’t come across this problem before, but two of those authors (@zenomade and @Space-Dog) have accounts on these forums. If you’re still having trouble with the macros in those items, hopefully they can help identify what the problem is.

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Hey there! @sleetvisuals @BenLeong

In order for the macros to work properly, you need to install all the fonts that are used in these macros. In our projects, all links to the required fonts are in Help-File.txt.

You can always contact us by email - bondar.stepan@gmail.com

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I have also had the same problem as described. Definately not drag and drop. I have installed all of the fonts.

I contacted da vinci resolve support to see if i was doing something wrong. This is what i got back.
This is happens for


Kinetic Typography V.1 by Vivat39 on Envato Elements

this is what they came back with. I managed to open them as a group but understanding the nodes is a bit beyond me.

"The engineering team have come back with the following. I hope it’s not too cryptic.

I have un some tests on the customer macro and I could like some extra details.

What I see from my end is there are numbers of ‘Merge1_1’ which is the last merge node before connecting it to the ‘MediaOut1’

and each of those Macro the last ‘Merge node’ naming is different can I know if the customer ‘Copy and Paste’ that merge node or did the customer rename it?

The issue I saw from it is by replacing that last ‘Merge node’ to a new ‘Merge node’ and save it as a new Macro solves the issue and there is no need to save the ‘MediaOut’ as a Macro as well.

And if the machine has that font being installed it can playback the Macro will but if the machine does not have the font installed it couldn’t detect that font.

Can you try replacing that last ‘Merge node’ to a new ‘Merge node’ and connect it to the node tree and replace that as a new Macro to see if this solves the issue.

And also how he gets that ‘Merge1_1’ in all of the Macro the customer created.

If the customer has an issue like how to open the ‘Macro’ into a ‘Group’ can also get back to me on it.’

*** SOLVED****

Hey guys solved this one. The Fonts linked to the in the text file were labelled incorrect.

Aka i opened up console and found it was searching for ‘Oswald’ "DemiBold’. So opened the .setting file searched “Oswald’. Found the DemiBold and changed it to 'SemiBold” and it works.

Why cant we contact the developers through Envato elements if i could have direct contact i could work with him or her to figure out why it isnt working.

Vivat39 who made this. Sloppy work man! wasted a day trying sort this! Surely you test your products before it goes on the market place.