Davinci Resolve 18 video templates not exporting (Fusion Failure)

Hey guys, just renewed my envato subscription and I use Davinci Resolve. I’m trying logo openers, logo strings, tansitions, nothing seems to export, and I get a “cannot render current frame in fusion”. I really need this as I’m starting my business again and the last time I left was because I use after effects and Adobe crashed too much…trying not to get the same thing again with Davinci…I like Resolve. Please, any help would be much appreciated.

Also, my previous 3 questions on similar topics with no solutions were all locked and closed after I posted yesterday…why are these being closed down with no solutions? This is a major issue, ppl like me are wasting time and money on these templates and the only solution is to purchase the product so we can get access to an outdated version? Come on how is this ok?

Update: They have allowed for previous versions to be downloaded of the unpaid version, but have no customer support for it, just the studio version in chat and phone. Regular version is email based so it can take some time. I think If the older version installs I can use older templates, so for sure this is a workaround, but Davinci for sure needs to update why and when they can get on this…

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