Feature Request: Add new Fusion (or DaVinci Resolve) Template category

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you one of my idea. I think many of you have heard about Fusion. It’s a professional tool for VFX, motion design and compositing. I place this software somewhere between After Effects and Nuke. Unfortunately Fusion is not so popular, but it doesn’t mean it has lack of functionality. As an example, watch this tutorial:

And there are many other things where Fusion is even better then After Effects. It requires completely different way of thinking, and this can generate new ideas of how we could create templates.

But the most important thing - Fusion is a free software. If Envato create new Fusion Template category on Videohive, we unlock huge audience:

  1. Everyone, who are new in video industry, can use Fusion templates without buying any software.
  2. Photographers, who pay only for Photoshop and have no access to After Effects.
  3. Other people who don’t want to pay $60 each month for Create Cloud.
  4. 3D artists and animators who use Fusion as a compositing tool.
  5. Linux users. Yes, Fusion has Linux version.
  6. DaVinci Resolve users.

As you see there are many people outside Adobe Create Cloud. And Fusion Template category could reach really new audience for us and Envato. If you think that it makes sense, please, like this post. Don’t be shy to share it with your mam and dad, so they can like it, too. :grin: Also feel free to share your thoughts, and thoughts of your dog. If we create enough buzz, Envato will take this request serious and we will get this category.

Thanks for attention!

UPD: As Fusion is also a part of DaVinci Resolve, it may be better to bring category for DaVinci Resolve. Some VH competitors already done this.


I am brand new to video and there is not chance in hell i am gonna pay $60/mo to have access to two apps. i downloaded resolve 15 and I would love to be able to use video hive templates.

Yep. I also think that $60 per month is too expansive for the software that wasn’t upgrade too much for many many years, producing only bugs and changing interface.

Meanwhile some videohive competitors already have category for DaVinci Resolve (Fusion is a part of this software). Let’s see how fast Envato will react on it.
There are so many people who are tired of Adobe. DaVinci Resolve is quickly becoming a huge competitor for Premiere Pro.

I heard of it before but never used it. But love try it.

I hereby officially call for an addition of a “DaVinci Resolve” category next to “Apple Motion” with the same sub-cats as Apple motion. Bring it on, @jamesgiroux, this is a super-fast growing community who got a lot of money left for templates unlike the Adobe gang!

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I absolutely agree ! There should now be a Resolve/Fusion section in here. There is a very very fast growing community for the Davinci Resolve software. Please get into the game fast Envato …


A Fusion/Resolve category as well as a Blender category would be great.


Here is also Google Trends data.

Premiere Pro:

After Effects:

DaVinci Resolve:

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This my first post on the Envato Forums! :slight_smile: I think I’ll try to state my case here with this post.

Anyhow, I am an aspiring/learning creator of motion graphics. So often than not, I am impressed seeing the various design packs and video templates made with After Effects. I tried my hand at using the Adobe Creative Cloud service. Sadly, I was unimpressed and instead cancelled my subscription. So I looked for other ways I could contribute. With no options for anything outside of After Effects, Apple Pro, or even Cinema 4D on VideoHive; I feel my options are limited for making templates or other material outside of the aforementioned programs. Just because these are some of the most popular programs and most used programs doesn’t mean others have no chance of offering their products to this service from other sources. What if someone wants to offer templates or other files from programs other than the ones sold on VideoHive? Like, what if someone wanted to offer broadcast templates from programs like Blender or DaVinci Resolve for sale? If you want to expand the appeal and options of other users, at least consider the likes of adding categories of programs like DaVinci Resolve, Blender, Vegas, and a few other various video production software. I am even leaning towards trying DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Fusion.

So in other words, I’m part of that “make it happen” crowd of offering more options to more people who want to offer quality video templates for sale from various other sources (like DaVinci Resolve).

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should you decide to create some templates, transitions or plugins for Resolve…
I may be interested in purchasing as Envato seems to be missing the boat on Resolve support.

Well, unfortunately… I tried using DaVinci Resolve, but it ran too slow on my computer for me to try to actually utilize it. So count me out in terms of trying to develop material that can be run using Resolve. I do want Envato to “open the playbook” more on different assets, so to speak. I do hope other developers can develop templates and other goods using various not-so-popular media. Heck, I even welcome those who make video assets with Blender!

But once again, DaVinci Resolve runs too slow on my PC, so I can’t develop anything for it even if I could. Thanks for the reply.