Introducing the DaVinci Resolve Category!

We’re getting ready to launch our newest category - DaVinci Resolve Templates and Macros! This will be a new root category within Video Templates for both VideoHive and Elements.

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful video editing application that’s been rapidly growing its market share. Updates and improvements in recent years have enabled features and functionality that better support Video Templates, and we’ve noticed an increase in the number of customers seeking DaVinci Resolve content. So we think now is a great time to add it to our offering for customers.

We’re planning to publicly launch DaVinci Resolve Templates and Macros in January 2021, but we’re going to launch it privately for Authors to submit items from tomorrow, November 20th!

We wanted to make it available nice and early so you can start working on your items and begin submitting them immediately. Reviewing will begin shortly after the private Author launch, and all items accepted between now and January will become part of the initial launch library!

If you’re interested in creating and submitting your items to our newest category, make sure to take a look at our DaVinci Resolve File Preparation Guidelines, and start creating!


That’s Great :+1: :+1: :+1:


That’s amazing news!! I had a gut feeling that this might happen and finally it’s happening :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Super great!


Great news! I’m in!


Very nice move.


To be honest i have no idea who is going to buy DaVinci Resolve templates in 2021…
This is a basic video editing software for cutting and color grading footage…
There are no possibilities for a professional type of animation like in after effects.
All DaVinci Resolve templates that exist now on other markets in 2020 look like after effects templates in 2007.
Well… Let`s see what happens. If people really going to buy those i guess i will join too.


Oh dear, you’re really out of touch with the Davinci potential… Look at how many purchases Premiere Pro templates get, Davinci has much more advanced features (even support for distortion maps, which behave very similarly to After Effects displacement maps) witch allow to create much more interesting results, that is if you know how to use them… Plus Davinci is FREE, sooooo think again. Meanwhile, I’m super excited to bring my whole catalog of Davinci templates to this platform :heart_eyes:

After all I think Envato wouldn’t do this if they didn’t see a potential for growth in this category.

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I think you are wrong :slight_smile:

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Great news :blush:


It’s time to turn tables…
2nd popular software after Adobe After Effects is Resolve. It shares more users than Apple Final Cut Pro. This looks promising…

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LOL. :grinning:
Please tell this guy about basic video editor.


From what i understand the 3d work from your reference was done in blackmagic fusion and edited from rendered footage in Davinci Resolve.

So that doesn’t help us to sell templates for davinci unless fusion has some kind of integration like AE has with premiere pro.
I have read on their website that there is some kind of connection but more research must be done to make sure that will work perfect for the clients.

Fusion is a part of Davinci Resolve. Actually it’s one program. And integration is better than AE + PP, because you do not need to open another software to see what is inside.


So in their website i see 2 versions:

  1. DaVinci Resolve 17*
    Hollywood’s most popular solution for editing, visual effects, motion graphics, color correction and audio post production, all in a single software tool for Mac, Windows and Linux!

  1. Fusion Studio 17 (295$)
    GPU accelerated 2D and 3D compositing and motion graphics software with a massive toolset and node based workflow. You get paint, rotoscope, titling, animation, keying, 3D particle systems, advanced keyframe animation, unlimited distributed network rendering, 3D models and scenes support, and more.
    So in free version there is no particle system and 3d model import correct?

This is a full comparison between paid and free versions:

Both versions support 3D and particles.


Now you just have to add a Blender category and videohive is up to date :slight_smile:


good news :+1: :grinning:

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Blender has always been on my radar, but Cinema 4D was always extremely slow, and prior to launch we actually had quite a few people requesting a C4D category. We haven’t really noticed a lot of authors/customers interested in Blender projects for Video.

The category is now open for submissions!! :confetti_ball: