Introducing the DaVinci Resolve Category!

Any idea how long the review process should take for newly submitted templates? :smiley:

Hi Mark,

I cannot really say that I have any data on hand regarding customers requesting blender templates, but a couple of thoughts from me regarding the comparison to the C4D category.

  • C4D was a very expensive software that much fewer people had than After Effects. Blender is free and in the recent years it gained a lot of industry recognition as well as growth in userbase
  • C4D did not innovate really in the recent years, that is why it became less popular and the recent move to subscription will make it even less popular. Blender has generational leaps that are astounding.
  • C4D templates shall use the internal renders, which are not up-to-date. The physical render takes ages to render and template creators are instructed to hold rendertimes short. Blenders eevee render and the cycles render engine both are a better fit for template market in terms of speed and visual quality
  • C4D has no internal compositing options, another reason why templates cannot look as appealing as they should. You do offer the option to include an After Effects compositing file, but that is just another paid software the customer needs to have. Blender has its own powerful node compositing that lets template authors create one-button solutions.

I cannot tell you anything about how many sales a blender category will attract. But I think in the history of envato it were always the authors and their items that decided if a category gains traction.
As long as there are no blender files for sale, customers will not purchase them. Chicken egg problem.

Is it such a big effort to introduce a new category?


I would like to see Blender on videohive and elements too. It is free and professional 3d software.

Review should start sometime early next week. Once we get going, we don’t anticipate any differences in wait time than what we see in other Video Template categories. The items should be reviewed in-line with other Template submissions from other categories.

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A lot of great points! The thing is, there’s really two main metrics we look for anytime we’re considering a new category.

  1. Do we have people within the author community that can create content for the new category, and are also interested in selling that content across Envato?
  2. Is there a current and growing base of customers seeking this kind of content?

Adding a new category isn’t extremely difficult from a technical perspective. But there’s a lot of moving pieces across many teams. So we can only commit resources to new categories when we’re sure there’s a current and growing demand from both Authors and Customers.

While Blender has been requested by a handful of authors over the last few years, those requests have been few and far between. And we really haven’t seen much interest at all from the customer community. I’m going to continue monitoring Blender’s potential and if we notice an uptick in the demand from both Authors and Customers, I’d be glad to try to get it across the line.


Lovely :heart_eyes:


I am very glad that the category of templates and macros for Davinci Resolve has appeared on Videohive, because I already sell content for DR on another marketplace platform and waited for it to appear, including Videohive platform.

However, are you aware of all the features of working with Davinci Resolve? This software is completely unlike the software from Adobe. Davinci Resolve is a very powerful software, but since it was not originally designed to create editable templates, it still has some details that are important to understand to check such templates to avoid errors.

Here is an example of one of the common mistakes of Davinci Resolve:
If you use media files from a media pool when creating a template in the Fusion tab, they will be assigned a unique “MediaID” and there are no problems with that when creating a template, but if you download and add this project to your project, you will get a “Media Offline” error because the assigned “MediaID” is confused inside the template when you import it into another project.

You can get around this problem by not adding media files from the “Media Poll” tab to Fusion, but instead placing them together with editable playlists in the “Edit” tab on the timeline and then compressing these files into “Fusion Clip”, and after these actions enter the Fusion tab and collect the project, because in this case media files are not assigned a unique “Media ID” and, accordingly, there is no “Media Offline” error when importing the project.

However, there is also a problem here! If you try to create a template bypassing this error and there are colored elements in your template for which you want to create “Color Control” via the “Edit” tab, you will not be able to do it in any way. But there is the following way out: create a template using the first method (in case you must have controllers for clients in your project), but show in the video tutorial attached to the project that when using a template, your project must be imported into the purchased template, but not vice versa! In this case, the “Media Offline” error will not occur.

For example! I have two transition templates for Davinci Resolve that are made using different methods! The first project ( is made using the second method, because it doesn’t have any color controllers for clients, and this project can be imported by the client into his project and it won’t cause any errors. But the second project ( provides that the client must have access to a simple change of color in the project, so it was forced to be created by the first method and in it is created “Color Control” through the tab “Edit”, which allows the client to easily change the main color in the project. However, if a client imports this project into a previously created project, an error “Media Offline” will occur, so in the video tutorial to this project, I show that it is necessary to import your project into the transition template, but not vice versa!

Oh… I got a huge message. However, I just wanted to say that it is possible to use Davinci Resolve, but so far, it has quite a lot of errors and limitations when creating and working with templates. This is very important to consider!


Thanks a lot for tips.

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I agree with you that blender has an overwhelming advantage over C4d, the final cost of the project for C4d will be very expensive. I’m not familiar with blender very closely, because I work and prepare files in C4d. But it seems to me that the 3D element replaces most of the templates for the blender. Of course, if my projects are made in a blender, they will be much better than in element3d, the only question is whether users will be able to get used to it. Because there are problems even with element3d and after effects