Template file giving me the run around

I’m working with this DaVinci Resolve video template from Envato elements: Event Promo by LimeStud1o on Envato Elements.

There is something odd happening with the rendering cache of this file. I posted about it in the BlackMagic forums because someone else seemed to have the same issue… because at first I thought it was just DaVinci Resolve but the post had zero replies.

Initially all of the media clips loaded as black screens. Even after I replaced all the placeholder clips and cleared render cache, it continued to show up as black media. Not a black screen, just whatever dimensions of the media file are.

If I go open each clip in fusion, I can replace each mediaIn node with a new instance of itself. This seems to work, except it’s stupidly time consuming and clearly not the most efficient thing to do.

Then sometimes the clips will show in the main timeline, other times they wont. AND most times the media shows up with jagged edges or blurry (no proxies, or optimized media, etc).

Resolve also crashes a bunch of times when deleting the render cache. And upon trying to kick out a final render, the media wouldn’t show. Only text. I had to check off render with cached images for it to work. Delivered first edit, looks low resolution in some areas.

I’ve sorta got this thing under control, it’s annoying but it’s working… for now. But, I can’t get it to show in full resolution. Some clips do and others don’t.

This template has caused me such frustration and lost time, I’m considering canceling my subscription with Envato that I’ve had for years.

Is there a way to contact the author of the template?

You can contact him via this link

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Thank you! I just sent him a message.