Feedback needed!

I made a bundle of 9 different “simple” timers for Davinci Resolve that were meant to be modular so that people can combine/customize it to make it their own. In my opinion this was pretty different from what was on the market because all the timers that I saw were already pre-made and preset so that you couldn’t “create” your own timer, except to tweak a few elements within the macro. Not only that but rather than it just being a countdown, I also added an option to turn it into a countup (a bit like a stopwatch), which again, was very different from what was in the market, which was mostly countdown macros. But I got a message saying that it was rejected and I wouldn’t be able to resubmit it, which was pretty disappoint to hear because I really thought it would be useful in giving people the power to create their own unique timers.

Anyways, here’s the preview that I had made for it: Modular Timers Preview - YouTube

If I can get some advice on how to make it better, that’d be great. Thanks in advance!

I think there are more similar and advanced projects are there in element

Thanks for the reply.

I looked around and what’s in Element seems to be a subset of what’s in the Market (as far as Davinci Resolve timers go). But even without that reason, most, if not all, seem to be a more complicated, preset, countdown timers. Because there are a lot of those already, I wasn’t trying to to create another complex countdown timers but rather simple, modular ones that can be combined to create your own unique ones. If Envato reviewers are wanting more complicated ones, I guess I can go that route but if it has to do with the quality of my submission, it’d be helpful to know what things I can do to improve.

My honest opinion when i show your timer preview -
I thought it only included progress bars and the designs are really nice.
maybe you have to show the final element preview on the first part of the video preivew, hope it’s useful to you. :blush: