Need Help for Resubmission

l submit a HTML template to themeforest market but unfortunately that was softly rejected and leave me a comment. I am unable to understand that review and can’t understand what they want me to do exactly.
Here is a comment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure your file description includes:

  • An accurate description of how editable or customizable the file is, credits and more information. It is helpful to the buyers to describe the level of editability and what is provided .
  • Any elements that occur in the preview but are NOT in the download.
  • Any outside assets, fonts, or resources used.

Give credits to the assets you used in your theme in Documentation. e.g if you have used flex slider, so give credit to the author in the description. Likewise Bootstrap etc.

Thanks for your reply.
But i have already mention all the assets or plugins that i have used in my theme. I just write the names of all plugins but do not provide them any link to them

Also work on the documentation, read the recently approved themes documentation and get idea from that.

Ok. Thanks for your help

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