Need help about quality standards.

It is my elder brother’s account, which he made for me all the bank account information also belongs to him and we are responsible for all our activities, this is why we accepted All of Themeforest Terms and conditions.

But please once explain

  1. what is the themeforest quality standards?

  2. On what basis themeforest analysis, quality standards?

  3. Is there any code error in my template or designing fault which mismatch themeforest quality standards or it is rejected only because of it is an old fashion template which is also uploaded 100 of times by Envato authors.

  4. Is there any resource from where I can learn about the quality standards of themeforest to improve my designing skills and code quality free of cost?

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First off if you are under 18 then you can’t be a member yourself

Second this style of site has been done hundreds of times before and with respect to a higher standard.

If you want to compete (and fulfil the requirements for under 18s) then you need to focus on something more original

I have not already understood what is the status of this uniqueness that does not resemble the parts of all works. I think the code has written a very nice design. should have been accepted.

I’d add that there are various elements and aspects which look borderline suspiciously similar to other items already for sale.

Also have a blog section but no example posts feels unfinished

Likewise portfolio items - why have link icons if there’s no detail pages?

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This detailed information was more useful. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, I see.
You are right but both the errors can be resolved so why I got a hard rejection instead of a soft rejection?

Please give me a favour and give me a chance by converting it into from hard to soft as I can resubmit the same with some changes. Will be thankful for this favor.

I’m not a reviewer and even they can’t change review status

HTML templates don’t have defined standards (becuase all items should be unique) except best practice e.g. semantic, error free code, no inline coding etc.

I do think it could be tidied as above and removing non-relevant blocks such as pricing tables, but personally, I think the issues you have is that this is an over saturated category and with respect there are a ton of freebies out there that cover this style.

Without a greater degree of originality and unique features or functionality you will really struggle with this type of site

Don’t forget that half the review process is about how competitive an item is - if there are many similar items then noone is likely to buy it