what is "it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward"?what reason?

what is “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”?what reason?

I got confused

Is there anyone who can guide me?


Basically it means that your uploaded item was not unique (in which case it looked like a duplicate of so many others). Envato requires unique and elegant templates/themes which maintain quality and a certain coding standard. In this case, it might be that your theme just didn’t make the expected grade, but don’t give up. At least you tried yes?

In what sense of beauty? The code is unique and we are sure of it - what is unclear to us is the definitive reason for this? What else do you think could be? We have not tried yes yet

Well since there is no URL link to check, how do we know what the theme looks like? If you don’t want to publicise the link, then PM me and I will look and give you an honest appraisal.

As @123Simples says without the demo link it is impossible to judge or feedback


can you see my link?

Missed this sorry -

I guess that this is too basic for ThemeForest.

  • It would do much better if it was built into a broader and practical template site

  • The typography needs work

  • The icons are not properly aligned

  • Form timeline would be better if there was annotation/tooltip etc for each step

Can you explain more? Because we take the time to create any form or application

Can you say your opinion?

It’s quite a nice form but that alone is not enough.

You are in a difficult position becuase -

a) Themeforest is for websites - unless you significantly improve and extend the site/page where the form sits then you are going to struggle

b) The alternative would be to submit it on CodeCanyon, but there are many scripts/plugins to build custom forms using drag and drop functionality and endless options which you will struggle to compete against e.g. jQuery Step Wizard with Step Form Builder - Timon Step Form Preview - CodeCanyon (one of many).

The only advice that we can offer is to pick one direction/marketplace and build on what you have with that in mind


@charlie4282 has given you some excellent advice and suggestions. You would do well to heed his comments.
Basically what you have created is just a form - as charlie says build a website that encompasses that form.