ThemeForest Rejected My Project For Quality Standard Required, How To Fix That?

Hi Guys, I have same problems while submitting my project on themeforest. recently themeforest reply me the below image.


i can’t understanding what is the wrong with me? and how to fix them? what is the quality standard required to move forward? can i resubmit this item again changing the requirement? and please inform me how to fix this rejected problem. i’m new on envato market.


There is no design here. Nothing premium. Have you done any research on the market before you started? Go around and check your competition. You will get what is wrong with yours very fast.

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where no design? that is my design problem? it’s my own creation. can you please tell me how to fix this problems and re-upload again?

It was Hard Rejected so, no you cant resubmit it. The design is way too basic it’s almost missing. Make some research on ThemeForest and start from scratch.

opps…! if i will change something, can i resubmit it again?

If by something you mean EVERYTHING then yes I guess.

Go there and see what other people are doing and you will get an idea about the quality standards and what is to be expected from you.

Design quality bad : color , typography , spacing and padding …
you need to see more ui / ux work in themeforest , behance & dribbble … to know Modern design methods

thanks for your valuable comment. now i’m understand what i need to do.