Rejection for the first project, I want to find out what's wrong

Guys, I really need help. This is my first project on themeforest and I’m getting the response “unfortunately, we found that this does not meet the quality standards needed to move forward, and you will not be able to resubmit this item again”. I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Hi @mi_darbinyan
i think the problem is within the design itself, a lot of issues in there. for me the design is look like a wireframe instead of a website.
my suggestion is you can try playing around on the layout, typography, and color scheme. you can also put dummy image or illustrations on that. seeing product/item by other authors on themeforest for reference.

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Hi! Thanks for your help, I now know what to do next. I will try again based on your advice

Hi @mi_darbinyan glad to hear that and can help you answered your questions. hope that’s can help you boost your spirit of design.
you can also read more about that on Envato Author Help Centre especially about item Quality & Technical Requirements. trust me that really worth it to read on.