Need feedback on rejected

Tell me please!
How can I improve this track. I want to know your criticism. Thanks for the help!

  • I think the high notes are there for a melody, if i am right…, almost everything before 0:53 must be (almost) deleted.
  • Second part is basically the same, but with the good one (the first part) ideas.
  • You need to work more in the mix and the master.

Hope this can help.

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Thank you for your opinion and advices!

But I don’t quite understand how to work on a master and mix for piano solo. Perhaps I should use a different sample of piano?

It sounds like high notes and arpeggio are played in a different recorded session.

Ups…) Looks like I’m asking perfectly obvious questions. Sorry)

Hey! Dont say sorry!
I am just saying what i hear, just trying to help.
In other hand, i like the general idea.


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Привет! Согласен с Manriquedelara с 53 сек. трек слушается поинтереснее. Т. е как он и написал, все до 53 сек. можно убрать. Мои пять копеек:1) мне показалось что у фо-но не хватает пространства, реверберации, 2) я бы подложил какой нибудь мягонький пэд или скрипки фоном. А так очень приятня тема

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Hi! I am very glad that you are helping me) Thanks for you helpful advice!

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И по поводу Ваших 5 копеек: спасибо за совет) буду дальше пробовать!

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