Need help. Please, friends! Rejected music.

Hello! That is my item , it was rejected, and I just din’t know why.Friends, please help). Is it too bad?)

Друзья, помогите пожалуйста) Отказ, помогите плж разобраться почему.

@DonLinoleum .

Way too experimental for RF market. The production technique also has lots of flows. The woodwinds/ flutes must be played by some iron lungs players. You need to pay attention to phrasing, especially when it comes to orchestral instruments.Real players are breathing, inspiring, expiring. The track also lacks movement and some dynamic variation. The percussion is static and pretty much mundane. You need dynamic layering across the track. Dialogues between instruments, authenticity, keeping listeners attention alive. Good luck with further uploads.Cheers.

It could end in 1:36, the piano after that is bad and too loud, also don’t use sound effects like thunders and natural sound effects never, piano is too dry also and not suited in this song.

Hi DonLinoleum, I don’t know if you know the game Age of Empires. It reminded me of that. I think with some work it could be really a cool track. Agree with what has been said before. I would not listen to it for some time, I find sometimes you need a break from a track to be objective again. Then every 4 bars you want to add tension and release from all your instruments together. So the energy rises and falls at that same time. At the moment it is a little flat. Maybe add a different louder deeper drum hit every so often with riser cymbal crashes to keep interest. Not sure if the piano sound is right. Have you tried a folky plucked instrument. Just my ideas. Good luck.