Need your help please on rejected item - Your feedback is much appreciated

Hi there,

I got a lot of rejections recently and I’m almost desperate.
It’s always the same message “…does not meet commercial value etc.”
Reading their suggestions following the link they provide is not very helpful.
It’d be great if someone can point in the right direction.

Here is a link to my latest rejection:

Thank you!
Cheers Steven

hey Steven
just listened now to your track and I have only a few things here to say. (but take it with a grain of salt I don’t have that much experience with that kind of music)

  • There is a hissing sound at 0:19 I would automate that (I believe that’s the reverse fx right?)
  • I believe the drums processing and mixing is not fitting well with the rest of the elements. They feel isolated a bit. I would also use different drum samples (not very sure abt that) I would reduce the ride volume in the end a bit.
  • The piano sounds unnatural, the velocity could be different here and there as if someone is playing it and not a machine.
  • Same applies to the background strings, I would try to mess with the mod wheel and expression to make it more natural.

I tried to make it as detailed as possible. I hope that helped a bit.

Best of luck! :wink:

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Thanks Michael for your time!
Especially the drums are not so easy for me. I will play around with different samples as you mentioned.
Also the thing with the piano could be a good hint.

I’m still wondering if that is what they call “general commercial quality…”

Wish you all the best this year - stay healthy and a lot of sales!!

(I’m from Berlin by the way.)

No worries mate! It could also be the processing. I’m not 100% sure. But yeah experiment and you should nail it! If you need any further help don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you so much for your kind wishes.

Ich komme aus Ägypten aber ich wohne jetzt in Deutschland. Gruß aus Baden-Württemberg! :smiley: