Hello all. I want to know that you can improve on this track

Hello everyone! Can you give me some feedback on this track? i realy want to improve my next works. Thank you

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very dry, I can’t hear the low notes of the piano! your composition needs space where is it? violin is almost inaudible you need the right balance! listen and study the works of top authors, compare your work with them. You need to develop from all sides to work on yourself

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Увидел, что вы из России. Спасибо большое за советы! Будем стараться. Правильно ли я понял, если добавить реверба, выровнять по громкости скрипку, то ситуация улучшится?

Kind of abstract answer… I am actually taking piano lessons. You mean composition technic or what? In any case, thanks for your attention.

most of the technical processing (balance, equalization, spatial processing, reverb, delay, mastering) instruments and sounds should be of good quality. Choose harmonies suitable for the AudioJungle. Once again, listen and compare your work with top authors !!! this is my opinion (google translate clumsily translates if that)

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Haha, I thought you were Russian because of your profile info, sorry. Thanks again for such detailed advices.

Incroyable ce manque de tact à chaque fois pour quelqu’un qui n’upload plus depuis 2019 ! Fais un effort, fais preuve d’un peu plus de gentilesse :slight_smile: Tu ne sais pas comment peuvent réagir les gens, c’est du savoir vivre et de la politesse qu’on t’apprends au niveau CP.

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Hi Daniil_Kuryaev,
Apart from what others have commented, I could hear a lot of crackles and clicks at places. This track has great potential if done correctly.


Hello. Thank you for kind words, it is very important for me now. Right now I am working on processing, mastering stuff, so I hope I will delete all clicks and crackles and improve quality of sound in general. Once again thank you for the valuable notes!

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Hello Daniil
I think the composition is beautiful. I agree the production could be better which would take the track to another level. I would try using a few comparison piano tracks from artists who have a sound you like and then try to make adjustments. Easier said than done especially with the piano. Getting the reverb and EQ correct is tricky. To my ears the violin sound doesn’t quite match the piano. You want them to sound like they are in the same room but the strings sound a little digital not enough articulation. Just my thoughts. Good luck.