Need help with a rejection

I’m new here, and my piece for solo piano got rejected, can you please tell me what you think is wrong? Here’s the track:
I also got a comment: This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard either, unfortunately.
What can I change, or what should I pay attention to while mixing this kind of music?

I think it’s great, just needs to be louder - Try using a Limiter to raise the volume without distorting it in mastering - i’m assuming you are familiar with the mastering process?

Hey nice work. Agree it needs to be louder but maybe also wider in the stereo field. It sounds a bit narrow and a little too far back in the mix…unless of course you were aiming for a “parlor” feel.

You may achieve improvement in both those areas by applying some compression to even out some of your dynamics.

Thanks for the support guys! I’ll play with the compressor and then limit the track to, I don’t know, -0.1dB?
Any thoughts on “not meeting composition/arrangement standard”? Is it just an automatic comment? There’s a lot of solo piano music like this on AJ.

Regarding the composition, I think there is at some points a too big distance between the melody and the chords. The melody is played at a high register while the bass/chords a played deep down. This makes the melody loose some impact and autorithy and make the chords sound muddy. The piece also sounds like it step programmed in a sequencer, is that correct or have you recorded it with a piano?