Need feedback on a rejected track. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Hi guys, I’m new here but I got a few of tracks reject and I really need some feedback. The last track that got rejected was this one

I tried to make this track similar and with the same structure and build up as another top selling tracks on Audio Jungle. Please, can you help me? Any feedback is highly appreciated!

Hello! :slight_smile:

There is no scale in the music. Need more epic sounds! There are no more powerful and brighter effects. At 0:55 cheap punch. Almost no low frequencies.

My advice, banal but, уou need to work more in the mix, and listen to more tracks of top authors in these categories. But this is just my opinion. Of course I could be wrong!
Anyway, I wish you good luck!

P.S. I’m new here myself. :grimacing:

Hey, thanks for the feedback!!

What do you mean “no scale”?

I didnt make this song to be epic. Just melodic. But I see the lack of low end. What would you recommend to increase the low end? Hits and booms? Brass? Strings?

Thank you again!

I think this video tutorial will be more useful for you than my advice :sweat_smile:

P.S. In English, it is difficult for me to fully express my arguments :unamused:

Thank you!

I’ll check this out. Hope this vídeo will help.

If there is anything else that you guys see that I can improve please, tell me.


Need better eq because it sounds harsh and muddy (telephonic). Use narrow notch to diminish loud harsh harmonics on each of your instruments and after make each instrument or group of instruments a place to peak more than the others in the spectrum. Your hi strings could have a lot more treble (they lack definition). Your toms are too dry. Your double basses need to sit more in the bass frequencies so hi cut/shelf them. It would sounds warmer and let more place in the mid and hi for other instruments. Overall you need more reverb (more wet signal or longer tail or both) and more definition on all your high instruments. I would make the hi strings the brightest with the cymbals, keep the brass more in low mid for depth but with more treble a bit still.

Great composition and arrangement. However, I would use cymbals a bit more often. Your descending hi strings need to be better attached to sound more real and expressive at 0:28. Avoid samples repetitions.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

It is really valuable to receive such detailed comments.
I myself am even very interesting to read. :+1:

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Amazing feedback! I’ll make to read it slowly and apply those tips and tricks on my next song that I will submit! Thank for both you guys for the feedbacks!

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I come to the forums to listen to the tracks, read the comments and learn! Hahahah
Btw, beautiful composition!