Rejected! Feedback would be appreciated

Hello Audiojungle Family, I’ve been have some trouble getting this track approved and I was wondering if anyone might be able to help.

I liked your music. the only thing that made me think: I found the cymbals too loud. but it’s just my opinion. Success.

Crash and reverse cymbals are too loud. try to be more gentle in mix. Maybe try to sidechain the bass with the kick, so it is more punchy

It’s a fresh track ! Make me thinking about “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk ! I think the composition is great and work well ! Like the other I would say that the main problem is the cymbal and the mix ! I sound little bit muddy to me , maybe look around your 200-600 HZ and try to reduce this part. (It’s only my point of view of course! ) Good Luck !

Himself in this genre has repeatedly received “Rejected”. I do not like this genre very much and, apparently, it is not given to me.
The composition is great, do not despair and complete it!
Just need a little work on this.
In my personal opinion, to create a compressor swing with a side chain requires a bass with a kick.
Work with reverb for more surround sound.
And you can check the frequencies of each individual EQ track.
This is my personal opinion and what I heard on my monitors.
I hope that helped a little.
Good luck!

The glock syth sounds a bit muddy. Like it’s inside a tin can.

Thank you for your feed back, everyone. Happy to let you know the revised track was approved!


good to know! Success for you. Each track we become more experienced.