Need feedback. Item was rejected. Help..

Hello Friends! My track was rejected. Please, what’s wrong?

Hey there,

  • The beginning was genre-wise unclear to me. It just somehow confused me a bit. First the synth thing, suddenly the strings and after that a very loud beat kicks in. I am not sure, if this could become handy, while it seems confusing at least to me. Maybe it’s also the connection of the parts / elements. Like it is now it sounds like you just hit “start” and “stop” of patterns, without really connecting them music wise.
  • After one minute the three chords are way too exhausting to my ears. It just feels like copy&paste. Maybe you should at least come up with a b-part or a break in between.
  • The beepy synth which starts at 1:19 min sounds quite off to me. It sound like it does not fit in the overall tone of the piece.
  • At 1:34 min suddenly some kind of hip hop beat kicks in, while it was some house beat in the beginning. This also feels like a major genre break.
  • In general I think that over three minutes are too much with only these three chords.

As always: try to stick to one theme and always try to think like a possible client and how they could use such a piece. (-;

Good luck next time! (=


Dear Tagirijus,
Awesome comments. Thank you so much for listening and commenting. This was my first try. I will consider their suggestions. I hope I can do better things.

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