My item has been rejected. I need your advice.

Hello, friends!

I want to hear your opinion from the side. This is very important for me. Tell me what you think about my track, which was rejected. What mistakes and inaccuracies I made?
Thank all.
Ambient Corporate Motivational

I’m new here also and am still learning a lot about what they’re looking for, having said that heres some feedback!

The one thing that sticks out to me is the synthy strings. I think they are a little distracting, particularly at the start of the track when you also have the nice melody with the bells happening. I felt they were really competing for the listeners attention.

Maybe have the strings come in right around the 20 second mark instead? I took a listen on my mains and a pair of headphones and I think they could sit a little better in the mix too.

Outside of that, not a bad track however as I understand there seem to be more rejections as of lately for various reasons.


Sound-Искра-LLC, Thank you for your comment and for your point of view. I thought maybe this track was not written in the format.

I virtually guarantee that the synth string sound is the problem. This sounds more like an epic trance track than something that would be appropriate for the background of a corporate video or a commercial.


NickMaxwell, Thanks for the answer. I really wanted to combine several styles in one, and probably overdid it. All the time pulls to bring more creation to the music and it’s so easy not to get into the format.

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I completely sympathize! Writing for commercial projects like this is VERY different from sitting down to write something that fits your aesthetic preferences. It’s so easy to lapse into something we enjoy rather than something that will sell :slight_smile:


@AudioCoffee Hi, simply remove this synth strings, and the track will have a chance to be ok as a nice background music.


Totally agree. The synth strings appear to be on the way of a nice background. Wish you better luck til your next submission.


Hey friend, I guess it’s the synth strings, that made it rejected…they sound cheap and too loud
…BUT… just get rid of it and play the melody with something else, it would be nice and approved in my opinion!!!
no palm muted guitar with 8d delay? lol
good luck then!

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Thank you friends for your answers. It helped me to understand something.

I am new to AJ, but I agree with others that the synth is too loud in the mix. The synth also sounds out of place with the rest of the feel/genre of the track. Either leave it out or change the instrument and lower it in the mix. There are a few other places where I thought the overall mix could be improved too.

Good luck with it, I know how important it feels to start out and experiment with new submissions!

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