My first ever item rejected with no feedback. Can someone tell me why?

Hello. I need feedback on my first ever track for audiojungle. They have not told me why it was rejected so maybe some here can help me?

Emotional and Energetic Montage

Thank you.

I think It is doesn’t meet Audiojungle quality standarts.

Thank you. In what way?

-In the track there is no leading melody, all instruments play only harmony from the chords.Each track needs a “hook” (a melody, a rhythm, a sample or a combination of all this), something that catches the listener
-For the first time in a few seconds it’s hard to understand what type of rhythm will be at the track. Intrigue is certainly good, but it can be ambient, and dubstep, and drum’n’bass. I think such unpredictability is not always good.
-The main part, the most powerful energetically, starts around 1:30. The listener just will not listen to this point.
-At about 2:00 another rhythmic pattern begins. This destroys the integrity of the composition.
-The track lasts more than 3 minutes, during this time there could be at least one change of theme, it would add more development to the track.
-The track ends rather abruptly.
I listened to the track not on the best audio system, so I can not objectively say about mixing.
I want to say that all this is just my personal opinion and it can differ from reality. Cheers!

Thank you so much Lemonello, much for me to think about

Keep it going, don’t give up)!

It so frustrating as it was my first track, but I won’t give up. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wanted to echo the not giving up! I just recently started uploading again and probably have one or two out of every ten that I submit actually get accepted. Experience and consistently through rejection makes us better!

Thank you BrianHolmes, this is early setback but I will not give up.


I understand that frustrating feeling… but you know everyone here is also experienced it, so we have to keep going! :muscle:

In my experience, we have to submit the track that:

  • has strong emotion or mood
  • has remarkable melody
  • consistent rhythm and pace but not boring
  • not too complex for background music
  • of course good quality sounds and mix

Actually I have less experience in your track’s genre, but I think it will helps if there’s a simple melody. I hope this helps you, I just want to share my little experience here :grin:

Good luck!!!

Thank you VibeRanger. Thank you for the advice, very helpful.