Need advice on a project i'm working on.

Hello everyone. I’m working on this project and I need your advice. Is it okay?
Here is the link

Hey Zlat , my friend, i cannot identify what your problem is this looks really good, and i love the item that u are showing :wink:

Thanks Nico for your answer :). Glad you like it :). I will create few more views and then i will upload it. Hope the customers would like it as well :). Cross fingers

Not much of a designer and do not have any useful feedback but cant help not saying, it looks amazing :ok_hand:

Hi @zlatkosan1, very nice, and no doubt your issue is with layer style compression?

Yes, that is an unfortunate issue with Photoshop if you have one transparent layer over another it, Photoshop won’t flatten each layer seperatly, it will stay with the best one, and discard some pixels to get it done, (or something like that, l had this issue a while ago).

Best to reduce the layers, and muck around til it looks as good as it can wihen flattened?


Hi guys. What do you think now :). I finally made it :slight_smile:
Hope you like it :smile:


Nice, has a strong Iron Man type feel about it, pity that the bird got the chop, but glad it got through.