Photoshop Mock-up help please

Can anyone help me please using a Photoshop Mock-up file I bought on here?
I’m following simple instructions but I’m getting unexpected results.

Basically, opening the smart layer file and pasting my business card into it then saving it.
But the result is my business card is just a rectangle on the template with no skewing or perspective like it is supposed to look.

Its got to be something simple…


Are you sure you are pasting the card image into the smart layer file and saving that correctly? And not just into the main PSD?

Hi Charlie
Yes, double clicking to open the smart layer, then pasting it, saving it.

Although I did notice something.

In the simple instructions, it shows a screen grab of the opened smart layer, which is on a ‘floating layer’ (not a flattened background layer). But when I open the smart layer by double clicking it, it shows the file as non-transparent/background layer).

I could send you the file to take a look?

Only on my phone so can’t check psd files but when you open the smart layer it should open as a new file where you paste the card image (make sure you are doing this on the right layer) then save that file and it should appear on the main design

Actually the smart layer isnt on a background layer. It is a floating layer but the background of the image is white.
Although on the instructions it shows the background of the image as transparent (like you see the grey chequered in photoshop indicating transparency).

Can you screen shot what the smart layer file shows you including the layers panel? Just to be sure you are using a recent and full version of Photoshop?

Does that last screen shot show you?
Top left is the full psd file.
Bottom left is the smart layer once opened.
Right is the instructions.

I’m using CS3… do you think that is the problem?
Although I would have thought the smart layer would have opened as per instructions, wouldn’t you?

The white background wouldn’t effect it and it looks straight forward. It could be the version (depending how it was built)

Best option is ask the author on the item page.

I’ve tried messaging him, but had no reply yet.

I’m just gonna try it on CS5.5 on another of our Macs.

I’ll let you know if it is the version problem in 10 mins.

Thanks for your help anyway.

If it don’t work send me a private message here and I will look when in the office

Hi Charlie
It works fine on CS5.5!!
How bizarre (and a pain) it won’t work in CS3.

Cheers for the help though… sometimes you just gotta chat these things through to work the solution.

No worries glad it works