mockup problem


Hi all! One of my clients has a problem with my mockup that he purchased. The thing is - I created it in CS5 and he is using CS3 extended.
The smart object is just loosing all it’s transformations I put on it. When he saves the changes, his design appears flat in the middle of the scene, and not on a business cards - where it’s suppose to go.

I presume it’s because of the older Photoshop version he’s using.
Any way I can change my mockup to work for his older version??

Please help!


Hello amris, well I’m not sure I can help you but let me tell you your works are awesome! :slight_smile:

Although you’re not obliged to provide a different version of your item if you included in description the file version, I understand you want to help your buyers, I also provide extra files if they need.
PSD files can be opened in any version of photoshop, so this sounds strange… I guess there should be something else causing this problem and not necessary the programs.


You can transform your Smart Objects using Warp instead of Distort Transformation. Photoshop CS3 doesn’t support Distort transformation on smart objects.




Thanks good_chemistry for the kind words! :slight_smile: Yes, I’ve put in the description that the mockups are created in CS5, however I felt bad for the buyer (also didn’t want to get a refund ha-ha) so I’m trying to find a solution - which is interesting to me as well.

Thanks OBSESSIVO! Yes, you’re right! That’s exactly what was causing the problems. I’ve reworked the mockup (changed all transform/distort to wrap) and got a message from the buyer that everything’s working now! Yay!!!

Question - if in the future mockups I use only wrap, can I post that the mockups are working in versions cs3 and up?
That would be awesome, since now only people with cs5 and up can use my mockups!

Really, really would like to get an answer on this one!

Thanks guys!!


Hi, I also make mockups and I know about this problem.
From my experience you can use cs3 + warp and list the file as cs3 compatible, but if you, for some reason want to keep using distort transformation on smart object, then just list them as cs4 compatible, like I do.


Thanks Kipet! Will do that! from now on.