Any thoughts on why my product mockup was rejected?

I was only given the canned response of the upload not meeting the quality standards. I find this pretty confusing since I find my mockup to be aesthetically sound and on par with a lot of what is already on the site. Is there something I’m missing?

I spent a LONG time doing the 3d modeling, rendering and creating the psd file, so I would really appreciate your feedback.

Your 3D light setup has issues. White areas are burned. I don’t know what 3D software / render engine you used but you need to set the white exposure.

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hi i agree completely with @DesignSomething and i would also personally had there are some issues with the shadowing as well

Thank you for the feedback. Could you explain what you mean more by “issues with the shadowing?”

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

hi i think that the way shadows are being placed and made is not super realistic , even though they are also a bit taken away by the light issues, they do not look convincing enough at this stage , for instance, u have close to none on the ground and product seem like reflecting nowhere indeed, which makes the item look a bit artificial so to speak