My website was messed up by one developer!


I purchased a Theme for one of my Websites W1 and also the support.
The assigned developer made the wrong Installation: he installed the theme in an other existing Website W2.

So now the Website W1 allocated for the theme is empty and the other one W2 is jeopardised.
W2 was containin before About 30 articles. They are all gone!

I asked WordPress. They said that the error was caused by the Inwave Common Shortcodes Plugin.

I got refunded but I can not Access to the support theme!!!

If you’re refunded then you should be happy.

How can you ask for more support after that?
You are aware that you should delete it immediately aren’t you?

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how can you behave like this?

If you continue to talk to your customers like you are doing, don’t ask yourself till when your company will stay over water!

Happy? My second website was ruined by one of your unqualified und poorly paid developers!

I am working as Quality and Test Manager for one worldwild IT company.

What you delivered is far away from quality and customer support.

You can’t forbid me to review the bad work in every forum elsewhere in internet.

Goos luck!

A few things to note which might help clarify things slightly…

  1. He’s just stating his opinion

  2. You’re not Crivion’s customer.

  3. Just for my curiosity: if he was meant to be working on website A, why did he have the login details, or even the URL, for website B?

  4. It’s not 100% clear exactly what happened, but if you get a refund for an item then you no longer have access to that item, or the support that goes with it. The usual process is that the author fixes your issue or you get a refund… not both.

So while I don’t agree that you should automatically be happy, just because you’ve had a refund, it’s not the best course of action to get a refund if your intention is to keep using the item or use the included support.
However, as it’s not entirely clear exactly what happened, I’d advise contacting support so you can explain the situation and hopefully they can help.

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I subscribe to what @SpaceStockFootage just said.
I am not the seller nor we had contact (I don’t even know which item you got) - just my opinion.

The point is the seller refunded - that means he accepted the issue is on his side as he couldn’t fix the problem. At least he didn’t run away and stopped replying. That’s why I said it’s a happy case.

If I’d buy an item with issues and I get a refund I’d be more than happy to choose from the sea of other items.