My tracks been hard rejected recently



I felt upset,
recently 3 tracks of mine been hard rejected. I just produce music like usual. Is that audio jungle the quality control of music? Or did I miss something?
Long wait for review, but in the end I just inform my music got hard rejected.


Share your tracks if you want to get some feedback about rejected items.


Yes, sure.
Feel free to drop by some comments.

Upbeat Ukulele

The Stary Night Ambient

Oriental Sentimental


i think all 3 are very good. professional and well put together. im not a music guy but i know what sounds right and these are pretty good. i bet a different reviewer would of accepted these. me personally, after the reject, i would change things ever so slightly and re-upload and hope you get a different reviewer. maybe upload not all at once too, leave few days in between. could get differenet reviewers on them. see what happens


Thanks for your comment, you got the point.
Actually I these 3 track was not uploaded at the same time, take about 1 week for each track.
Maybe I will try upload these file to other site.

  1. Upbeat Ukulele:
  • to my ears whistle melody misses the notes a little bit
  1. The Stary Night Ambient:
  • as I remember it’s forbidden to add delay or any other fx to watermark
  • Idea of track is good to me, maybe try to add some instruments to your arrangement and make it more standart… I think it can be approved…
  1. Oriental Sentimental
  • same as 2 track - delay on watermark
  • Try to add more orchestral instruments, more dynamic. Melodies a well.

Good luck!


Thanks for your time to listen my track and giving me useful comment! Appreciate.
Can I resubmit these track after I made some changes on it?


You are welcome!
You need to make very radical improvement to upload it agan. Because Envato don’t allow to upload hard rejected items…


Got it, Thank you very much!!!:blush: