Unexpected reject

I’ve been in the envato market for a long time and there were no rejects long time too, but my ukulele track is not meet meet commercial composition/arrangement according to the reviewer opinion. Dear friends what’s wrong with my track?

It’s very hard to understand why they reject this track! Maybe in the second part of the track ( 1:13), there are no variations compared to the first part???

@liosound, thanks!

I’ve analyzed and already completely reworked this track, removing the additional guitar part in front of the break and in the end. And made less repetitive second part.

Yet it is sometimes frustrating. I had the idea to make actual package EPs (releasing them for listening purposes as well)… and all tracks got accepted, except one. Meaning on the personal listening purpose EP… available through iTunes there’s one more track than for licensing : S

well… hope it works out for ya :slight_smile:

I’m really confused how the review process actually works. I guess they just have to randomly reject stuff sometimes. How a track like this can get rejected for nit picky details while we have a sea of copy pasted ambient tracks being approved consecutively makes no sense though.

I really really wish they would provide even the smallest amount of useful feedback so we knew not only how to fix our tracks but also how to alter the approach on future tracks. It’s not like they can’t have a few more pre-determined responses other than “composition/arrangement” or “mastering/mixing quality”.