Hard Reject. Please help, or I have to buy ukulele....

Another Hard Reject. Please help, or I have to buy ukulele… :slight_smile:

Thank You!

damn! sounds good to me man… mix is solid, composition is cool. Maybe it’s just too busy for background? Really surprised that wouldn’t make the cut.

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Cool track indeed!

There are a few things that could explain the rejection though.

First, Audiojungle doesn’t like modulation. So what’s happening at 2:00 and the various dissonances in that part could alone explain the rejection.

The strings sound a bit static, and would benefit from having more expression. Some reviewers are very picky when it comes to (cinematic) strings.

Also, while the mix is good, it feels like it’s clipping at times, or something like that. Maybe one of your hit/impacts has too much distortion, I don’t know, but it is a bit messy at times.

Also, your preview has long pauses between the different versions. They don’t like that either. You have to snap each version one after the other, without any gap. This last issue would only result in soft rejection, but you would have to fix this too anyway.

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2:00 its just Dominant. damn…

Clipping thing is a second snare. (for me its like bit distortion “giving more color”) - I gonna try remove this.

Thank You for a feedback!

THIS got rejected? Daaaaaaamn! I think maybe audio jungle bought some artificial intelligence program to figure out what they like/dislike. I am so shocked this didn’t cut it!